Why we are doing this?

Why do this?

Totally Local is a labour of love from two guys who’ve been doing ecommerce and digital marketing collectively for a few decades. We live in rural New Zealand and some of our best friends are local producers and growers. They’re hurting. That concerns us a lot. Because every dollar spent with a local business provides a two-fold economic benefit to the local community over chain store (think supermarket, KFC, Maccas) we think it is imperative to put dollars into the pockets of these businesses.

We saw what was coming and three days into lock-down got started on this idea we’ve called Totally Local. We are making an investment from our own pockets with a desire to have a positive impact on local community and local economies. We will run this service free for at least a year after which we will look to make a modest return on our personal financial outlay directly aligned to the value you receive. Any future commercialisation will continue to serve the best interests of our growers and producers. That is a solemn promise.

What is It?

Totally Local is a free-to-list-and-sell, easy, convenient online trading website for producers and growers to sell to their communities and reap the full financial benefit of doing so. No listing fees, commissions or other hidden costs. Think of it like a free to use ‘buy now’ Trade Me for food, beverage and more where you can get all your produce: fruit, veges, meat, dairy, beer, wine, cider, juice and more. All money through the platform (less the 3% payment gateway fees charged by financial institutions!) goes into the pockets of producers. We think that’s a cool thing to do.

Totally Local is available from Kaitaia to Bluff and we want you all to get on board because every dollar spend in a local business just keeps on giving.

Please share Totally Local NZ far and wide. We need to get the word out. Sign up your interest as a buyer or seller and get on board.

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