Post Pandemic: Our message to you New Zealand!

Planning for the post pandemic come back....

Back in March, we declared the Kiwi Leisure Center closed until further notice and a few of us buggered off to the pub (single file, 2-meter intervals). When the pub finally kicked us out, we said goodbye and dispersed into our isolation, each wondering when we’d next see the others and what the world would be like then.

Well, it’s, what, seven weeks later (maybe eight, easy to lose count when they all look the same?) and we are a little closer to one of those questions but don’t have any answers to the latter yet. But a few truths are starting to emerge:

Pandemics mostly suck.

Fear. Anxiety. Separation. Ambiguity. Mundane. In-ability to think about tomorrow. The collapse of businesses and maybe whole industries that deserve to survive. Each of these sucks in its horrible way but taken together… well, like masks and gowns, society is experiencing a severe shortage of words to describe it all.

But they reveal some good things too.

Things like nurses. Midwives. Doctors. Health workers.
Neighbours dropping off food for folks who can’t get out.
Kiwi nurses from Invercargill.
Lawyers, bankers, and corporate high-flyers discovering their kids.
Zoom quizzes and online school.

They all teach us that a crisis reveals character. Well, these days, we’re seeing an enormous amount of character in the characters in our lives.

A sense of humour.

If you bothered to notice price gouging in the supermarkets or national retail chains with huge resources taking taxpayers money, you could forget these things existed. (We don’t so we haven’t.)

And so, it turns out, for us Kiwi’s, the bigger the suck, the shinier the silver lining.

And so it was that 2 guys who felt massively worried for local producers and growers jumped to action. With #2 around the corner, the post-pandemic come back is on! has been built to enable success, for the characters in our lives to prosper. They have suffered enough and its time to turn this thing around.

We have invested heart. We have invested money. We have invested countless hours (including 3 am starts). We have risked our livelihoods. Why? Because someone needed to do it. Simple. Early on we went to several government agencies to request funding and we came up empty-handed. That didn’t stop us, because this isn’t and never has been about money. It’s about character.

All you need to do, is get on board!

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